Missing 1.0.8

Intrigue and escape on your Android


  • Pretty addictive
  • Can save and resume
  • Combine items to make new ones


  • Pretty basic graphics
  • No hints/little help


Missing is an intriguing room escape game for your Android phone.

Even though the graphics in Missing are pretty basic, there’s something about the game that you just can’t put down. The idea is simple – you are trapped in a room. Explore your surroundings by tapping around with your fingers. You’ll find objects as you go, and these objects can be used to aid your escape.

When you find an object in Missing, it will be added to your inventory. You can access this inventory by pressing Item. Once you’re there, you can use the various items as tools, or combine two items to make a completely new object. Missing is essentially a game of trial and error, but there are walkthroughs available online if you get tired of trying!

Missing’s graphics aren’t very advanced, and some users might get sick of the hit and miss nature of the game. Even so, it’s pretty addictive and lots of users will definitely get several hours of entertainment out of it. You can save and resume games. This is always good to know, as the help - insofar as gameplay goes – is entirely useless!

Missing – basic graphics in this addictive room escape for your Android.



Missing 1.0.8

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